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Tractor Rental Rates

Model Rate ($/hr)
9RT/9R $180.00
8RT/8R $150.00
7R $140.00
LF6R $135.00
SF6R/6M $115.00
6E $100.00
5E/M $90.00
CUT's $75.00
*On top of rental rates there is a $1,000.00 cleanup/service fee if rental is for less than 150 hours. Cleanup/service fee will be split/allocated for dual rentals.
*Above rental rates are based on 100 engine hours of guaranteed use and valid for one season (i.e. spring or fall - NOT both).  General rule of thumb for timeframe is approximately 2 months.  For longer term considerations, please call.
*Minimum of 1/2 rental paid in advance. 
*All tractors subject to sale with replacement of like or greater size.
*For rentals exceeding 100 engine hours call for rental rate.  For older model rentals call for rental rate.
*ADDITIONS: Add $10/hr if tractor is equipped and goes out on rent with a loader.
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